How to safely buy drugs online?

We actually have become dependent on online shopping and even if that means buying medicines from online stores, we would surely opt for that. Many of us want the option of purchasing our prescribed drugs from the available online medicine portals and that is because the entire process seems very convenient. If you want to order medicine online in Kolkata, the choices are ample! But are they offering genuine products? Are they delivering medicines on time? Are they providing any discounts to their customers? If it is too much to ask for, let us introduce you to – Medwik

Medwik is one of the most trusted online portals for purchasing medicines in Kolkata, where we help you in finding the drugs as per your prescription. We have over 99.5% fulfillment rate on all the medicine orders.

Since there are so many things that could go wrong while purchasing medicines, it is of utmost importance to take care of these points –

Check the license of the online portal–

It is mandatory to have a license if you want to sell medicines through your online portal. The pharmacy can be a registered brick and mortar pharmacy that uses an online portal to dispense medicines. That proves its authenticity. If the online drugstore does not have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions, then its reliability is questionable. Medwik is an online medicine delivery platform in Kolkata where medicines are procured by experienced pharmacists. Our pharmacy Hi-Tech Medicos has been functioning for the past 15 years and our quality and the trust we share with our customers is unquestionable.

Monitor the delivered packages –

For many obvious reasons, the drugs are often delivered in unmarked and discreet packages. But that is a sign of incorrect or illegal drugs. Hence, you need to check all the details of packaging so that you don’t consume the wrong drug. Most importantly, expiry dates should be checked thoroughly.

Avoid stores selling drugs without a prescription –

Never buy medicines from online sites which offer to sell you drugs without a prescription, or medicines not approved by authorized medical agencies. No one can ever deliver drugs without a proper prescription. Thus, this is a very important factor to be verified. At Medwik, we have zero tolerance over drugs being sold without a proper prescription. Absolutely nothing comes above the well-being and safety of our customers. Treating yourself with medicines is a responsible act; thus, it is your responsibility to refrain from falling prey to fake drugs and drugs sellers online. There are innumerable conditions to be extremely careful of when buying online, especially in the case of medicines. Thus, choose smart, choose Medwik!

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